In an era when the digital world is revolutionising every artistic field it ventures into, it is surprising to find artists who, despite everything, make assured use of traditional methods. It is even more astonishing to find other creative teams, like the Germans Tape Over, whose work revolves around the protective adhesive tape used in construction for masking, that are experiencing huge demand for their work.

Tape Over is a Berlin-based art team set up in 2011 whose work is reformulated under the aesthetics created using masking tape. A group whose style was originally inspired by the German city’s electronica and subculture scene – it was precisely in the subculture of the music clubs and events related to this trend where they began to publicly exhibit their work. Their work, heavily influenced by street and urban art, is characterised by its huge versatility and attention to detail. In their art they experiment and give expression to their experiences, from a taste for organic forms to abstraction or visual design. Indeed, passion and creativity are at the centre of everything they do.

The success of our work is also down to the material we use, because masking tape enables sharp contrasts and spectacular definition in our projects

Founded by Lamia Michna, now the artistic director, and Robert König, the current managing director of the group, Tape Over is a team of six (Lamia, Robert, Enni Vuong, Marvin Gallinger, Denise Werner and Lotte Agger) who share the same creative preoccupations and value their creative freedom above all else. “The best thing about our work”, says Robert, “is that we can allow ourselves to create designs of great beauty and versatility, because masking tape enables you to work on a huge variety of mediums. Our success is also down to this material, because it creates sharp contrasts and spectacular definition in our projects”.

Lovers of experimentation, their creative language has enabled them to take on an array of projects that includes installations for film and music festivals, posters and branding projects for corporations (Mercedes, Converse, Bosch, Hermes…) and even video installation collaborations with other artists. Their undeniable surprise factor led them to create Tape On You within their own brand, a form of removable tattoo of masking tape that people can use to create their own style on their clothing or skin.

The future? Many of their coming projects will be based on the authenticity of people, on their personal emotions. Because design is a form of communication. “We would also like to do more collaborations with all kinds of artists, because we want to take on new perspectives and take our work to another level”, the Berlin group say.